Thank you for contacting my company !!

When acclimating ourselves to a new

environment, information, intelligence

activities, digtal, and rapid change,

KYOUNG-DO Co. Ltd is a company putting

the priority on the environment from the

perspective of customers. With our

present standards of quality, and backed

by a staff of highly dedicated employees,
we fully expect to establish a strong presence in the air conditioner and electric parts

both at home and around the world.

KYOUNG-DO Co. Ltd promises to establish high standards for quality and capacity to

impress customers by trying leaps to become the top company by adopting new

technology and knowledge in the 21st century.

Finaly, we are taking a pride in ourselves as set maker and we`ll do our best. Please

give us an affection and the concern.

From all the staff in KYOUNG - DO CO. LTD.


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